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Your NAC OSCE journey with us (left) vs. your NAC OSCE journey with others (right)

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Some Testimonials (for more testimonials, please click here)

Dr. Motahareh Vameghestahbanati (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE exam)

Hi future NAC OSCE candidates! I passed my exam this October with the score of 1449 which is 3 Standard deviation above the pass score. One day during my preparation period that I was not sure how to begin, I was very lucky to come across this website and get to know Dr. Vahid’s course. Dr. Vahid has a world-class teaching style, not only teaches you what matters in the exam, but most importantly he gifts you the right approach to any possible station! He provides very meticulous and detailed constructive feedback continuously to help you become a more competent version of yourself not only for this exam but for the day to day medical practice! I strongly recommend his course and Mock exam since this experience is very similar to exam day and will make you super confident and relaxed! All the best everyone!!

Dr. Emalka Fernando (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

Dear Dr. Vahid, I passed the NAC examination with an above 2SD score. Your NAC course helped me immensely to prepare and the weekly classes were so informative and helpful. Thank you for the guidance you gave me through my NAC preparation and if it wasn't for your course, I would not get this score. Thank you so much once again.

Dr. Faiza Ahmed (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

One of my friends recommended Dr. Vahid's mock to me and I took it 13 days before my exam. I took many mocks during my preparation and I can confidently say that among all the virtual mocks, his mock was the best. What usually people do while running mocks is that they become the examiner as well as the patient both by themselves, which is not the case with Dr. Vahid’s mock. While having professional SPs, he is there observing you keenly. His detailed feedback on my every station helped me a lot and I passed with Superior performance.

Dr. A.G. (after receiving the results of the NAC OSCE of Oct. 2021)

An excellent teacher and course! Dr. Vahid puts so much attention and care into making sure all his students fully understand important concepts. The weekly classes give every student an opportunity to practice and to clear any doubts about the studied material. Dr. Vahid is very patient and thorough. His knowledge and love for medicine speaks volumes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Dr. R Noel (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

I will never regret that I took Dr. Nilforushan' s mock exam. I believe that his feedback has helped me a lot in improving my performance and getting a good score in the NACOSCE. His attention to details made me aware of my weaknesses and helped me work on them. I totally recommend his course and his mock exam is a must!"

Dr. W. D. (Nov. 2020)

Dr. Vahid's course is one of the best courses available to prepare for both NAC OSCE and MCCQE2. I tried two courses before this and they didn't help as I felt that they were commercial courses aiming to collect money from candidates with no real value. This course is affordable, very helpful, very organized and convenient. I like the pre recorded lectures which I was able to refer to at any convenient time for me. The free weekly practice sessions was a good opportunity to review cases, discuss with colleagues and find study partners. Dr. Vahid was happy to help and to answer questions honestly and to the best of his knowledge. I learned many useful clinical techniques and skills which can be applied not only during exams but in real life practice. I strongly recommend this course for any IMG preparing for those exams.

Dr. Anshu Jassal (after receiving the results of the NAC OSCE of Sep. 2020)

I am so grateful that I got a chance to prepare for NAC with Dr. Vahid. The online mock exam was really simulating. This was the platform where I practiced with Canadian Standardized Patients. This really helped me to feel so confident about my preparation. Dr. Vahid's extensive feedback helped me to work on my weak areas. I passed this exam with Superior Performance. I still feel I don't have enough words to thank you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much."

Dr. Rabab E. (Nov. 2020)

I can’t recommend this course enough. It’s very different from any other preparatory courses out there. It's the only non materialistic course. Dr. Vahid provides up to date guidance based on Canadian references. The course content is very much related to the real exam. Many practicing doctors who are taking the course for MCCQE2 attend the free weekly sessions which really elevate the discussion caliber. It offers a great opportunity to those who are taking NAC OSCE to learn and interact with QE2 takers. The software of the course is very advanced, and the content is organized and very easy to remember. Interacting with a virtual patient is very unique in this course and gives a great chance to master your communication skills.

Dr. M.S. (after receiving the results of the NAC OSCE of Sep. 2020)

Thank you Dr. Nilforushan! Your online mock exam not only helped me build up my confidence, but also really helped me in terms of gaining experience in dealing with different cases. The thorough and detailed feedback I received also helped me polish my skills and I got a pass with superior performance! I will definitely recommend Dr. Nilforushan's mock to whoever wants to prepare for NAC.

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If you find getting a high score in the NAC OSCE challenging, you are at the right place as we provide all you need to reach your goal.

  • Fully interactive private (5 students) online NAC OSCE course (comes with our exceptional pre-recorded/downloadable course)

  • Semi-interactive NAC OSCE course including our exceptional pre-recorded/downloadable course and online live small group practice sessions twice a week until your exam.

  • Periodically FREE Essential Online NAC OSCE course (including unlimited FREE live weekly online practice sessions)

  • Online NAC OSCE mock exam (one student at a time) simulated by native English-speaking Standardized Patients. Because of the exceptional quality of our online mock exam and its feedback, it usually gets sold out in a few hours after we open the registration. Our students have a priority for registering and are eligible for a discount.

  • Fully interactive private onsite NAC OSCE workshops in Vancouver (for 4-5 students only). Interact with native English-speaking Standardized Patients and receive live and recorded feedback (will be resumed after the pandemic).

  • 1-on-1 online interactive practice sessions (subscribers eligible for a discount)

Comparing our courses and services with others will show you that our courses and workshops have major differences from the ones offered elsewhere. Other programs either do not have any pre-recorded courses or their pre-recorded courses are not comparable to ours as they are just recordings of their classes where students listen to the lectures or are exposed to clinical scenarios mostly in the lecture formats. Because of the exceptional value of our pre-recorded course, we are the only NAC OSCE preparation program that uses special technology for protecting course content.

In addition to high-quality Video Scenarios that are not available elsewhere, our pre-recorded course includes other videos and notes that provide you with a systematic approach, detailed and organized strategies, tools, and step-by-step guidance to help you develop a strong foundation for your clinical skills. This foundation is essential for becoming skillful and confident in different competencies and handling any simulated or real clinical encounter comfortably. 

To succeed in the NAC OSCE, you don't just need to know "What to do".  The more important thing is "How to do it and How to think". Unfortunately, this is not usually taught in other courses. You are told to cover a lot of things in each scenario without considering the time limits and the real expectations of the MCC from you. This makes preparation complex, confusing, cumbersome and unfruitful. 

In our pre-recorded course, you will learn "How to think, What to do, Why to do it, How to do it and in What order to do things". This has made our pre-recorded course practical and highly effective. 

Also, our live interactive practice sessions are ongoing and you can attend them all year round. If you take advantage of our live online sessions, you will have opportunities to practice and integrate everything you have learned and receive invaluable feedback until you master your clinical skills and reach your goal. 

A couple of our services (1-on-1 interactive sessions and mock exams) are offered elsewhere but with less effectiveness and/or higher price. 

Dr. Vahid Nilforushan, our well-known instructor and the founder and creator of our courses, deeply cares about students and strives for excellence and perfection. That's why, unlike other courses, we offer valuable courses and services for free and almost all our courses and services are offered privately to provide you with unparalleled attention and ensure you will get results not only in the exams but also in real-life clinical experiences. Our innovative approaches have made our courses enjoyable and memorable for our students as well. 

Dr. Nilforushan doesn't only care about the results of his students in Canadian clinical skills exams. He also greatly cares about their integration into the Canadian medical system after excelling in the exams. He has proven his dedication to this by volunteering his time and expertise to actively advocate for IMGs in Canada. 

Why choose us for NAC OSCE preparation?

  • Unparalleled expertise

    We started specializing in clinical skills exam preparation many years ago because we knew how important, yet challenging, it was to get a high score in the NAC OSCE or pass the MCCQE2 (before it was phased out in 2021). Unlike most other preparation programs, we neither offer other services nor courses for theoretical exams. Being focused on clinical skills exams has given us an edge in realizing the details, strategies, and little tips and tricks that are hardly available and are important for getting satisfactory results in the NAC OSCE or MCCQE2. Our previous experience in training IMGs for the MCCQE2 has made us experts in training IMGs for dealing with challenging clinical cases. Also, years of clinical experience and academic teaching at a high level in Canada and elsewhere, the experience of passing all the MCC and USMLE exams with high performance, and proficiency in IT have given our instructor unparalleled expertise in the creation of our courses and services.

  • Prepare smarter, not harder

    When it comes to clinical skills preparation, practice doesn't make perfect. "Only PERFECT practice does". Most IMGs use wrong, complex, confusing, or disorganized approaches in practicing and the more they practice, the more they make bad habits that are difficult to change. In the creation of our course and services, we have used a variety of technologies and innovative approaches and strategies to teach you the right and simple approaches, and facilitate and speed up your preparation. Our strategies prevent information overwhelm, greatly simplify your preparation, and make a big difference in your results. Our exceptional approach has been one of the main reasons for the effectiveness of our course (which is in the English language) even for those who took the NAC OSCE or MCCQE2 in French.

  • Become a better clinician

    You will certainly find our programs one of the best investments you have ever made in your career as a physician. Our goal is beyond preparing you for the clinical skills exams. Our approach will make you confident and comfortable in handling real clinical encounters throughout your career as well.

  • Receive special attention and support

    Success in the NAC OSCE is impossible without interaction and roleplay. Of course, you can roleplay by yourself or with your study partners. However, if you register for a NAC OSCE course to benefit from interactive practice opportunities, please be advised that an interactive preparation program is effective only when the number of attendees is limited. Unfortunately, most preparation programs register as many students as possible and are not concerned that this would impair the effectiveness of their programs for students. That is not the case in our programs. We want you to get results, so we have put you first in all we do. We provide you with special and unparalleled attention, and as many practice and feedback opportunities as possible by putting a strict limit on the number of attendees in almost all our preparation programs. We offer fully interactive private (5 students) online course, online 1-on-1 live interactive sessions, online private mock exams (one student at a time), and onsite private interactive workshops (for 4-5 students only).

  • Direct access to a supportive mentor with a proven track record

    Our instructor, Dr. Vahid Nilforushan, has a proven track record in Canada and Iran. You can access him and seek his advice before, during, and after signing up for our services and courses. His ultimate goal is to land IMGs practice opportunities in Canada. Therefore, he has supported IMGs in different ways. In addition to supporting IMGs with clinical skills exams preparation, he has volunteered his time and expertise to provide invaluable advice to many IMGs and this has made the doors of practicing in North America open for many of them. He has also actively been advocating for IMGs to end the discrimination they have been facing for access to practice opportunities in Canada.

  • A variety of live interactive practice opportunities

    Our Essential NAC OSCE course which is offered for FREE periodically provides you with unlimited access to our FREE weekly practice sessions. Our other courses include live online small-group practice sessions twice a week where you can practice and receive feedback until your exam as well. These practice sessions are ongoing and you can attend them all year long. The earlier you join us, the less sessions you will miss. We provide online 1-on-1 interactive practice sessions with our instructor or SPs (under the supervision of our instructor) as well as private onsite interactive workshops too.

  • Use at your own pace and replay until master

    Our Semi-interactive and Fully interactive courses come with a pre-recorded course that includes videos and documents that you can use at your own pace. In our fast-paced lives where following a schedule of a live class can be challenging, this can come handy. Also, to memorize any material we need to review it a few times. This is of more importance when it comes to mastering clinical skills which develop through a complex mental and physical process and requires reviewing the guidance and observing reliable demonstrations and practicing skills repeatedly. This is not an issue in our courses as you can replay our invaluable videos as much as you want and practice the skills until you master them.

  • Start early and stay long (as opposed to unhelpful crash courses)

    If you want to ace the NAC OSCE, you should consider starting early especially if you have a full-time job. Once you subscribe to our courses, you will be able to be with us for at least 1 year. Subscribing to our Semi-interactive NAC OSCE course will provide you with a 6 month access to our pre-recorded course and one free renewal for another 6 months (consecutive or divided) which can be used later if needed. You will also be able to attend our live online sessions until your exam even after your subscription to our pre-recorded course expires. If you perform well in our weekly sessions, you will earn extra weeks of subscription to our pre-recorded course free of charge. These can also be of help if the exam is postponed.

  • Affordable and free programs

    We have worked hard to keep the price of our invaluable programs down, so you can achieve your goals no matter what your financial circumstances are. This has resulted in being criticized by our students who had not received much value in high price courses they had attended as our low fees deter many students who believe "the higher the price, the better the course". However, we have continued to keep our fees low as we are looking for students who are serious and take the time to research and realize our goals and the real value of our programs. We have provided financial assistance to many IMGs for access to our services and products as well. Unlike most other courses, we offer a variety of free programs to help you avoid some major and costly mistakes in your journey too. Once you join us, you will realize that we overdeliver and undercharge.

  • Regular updates

    The course content is continuously updated to satisfy the latest exam requirements and improve your results. You will benefit from additional content and updates while you have an active subscription. We are approachable and we welcome any feedback that our students might have as we aim to improve continuously. We have already incorporated several suggestions of our students into our programs as we want to serve our students with excellence.

  • Join from anywhere in the world

    You can join us from the comfort of your home anywhere around the world since all courses and services that we are currently offering are accessible online or need to be downloaded for offline use. We used to run in-person workshops in Vancouver before the pandemic and we will do our best to resume them again as soon as possible. These workshops would be of great help if the physical exam of the NAC OSCE gets changed to the previous format. Otherwise, our Online Mock exam has been a great replacement for our workshops.