5 star rating

Great Course.

matt Lawley

This is an excellent introduction to the NAC OSCE exam. The instructor is very knowledgable and has a strong ability to teach.

This is an excellent introduction to the NAC OSCE exam. The instructor is very knowledgable and has a strong ability to teach.

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5 star rating

Great videos

Mouza alali

I would like to thank Dr. Vahid for his guidance. very comprehensive and goal directed.

I would like to thank Dr. Vahid for his guidance. very comprehensive and goal directed.

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5 star rating

Anca Pengilly

Very helpful with lots of practical advice !

Very helpful with lots of practical advice !

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5 star rating

saima Afrose

Very informative and useful course indeed.

Very informative and useful course indeed.

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5 star rating

Probably the best preparation course for NAC OSCE any IMG...

Mustafa Mukeef

I have been lucky enough to know about Dr. Nilforushan's course from the facebook group he manages I think, and it has been a privilege to watch his videos a...

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I have been lucky enough to know about Dr. Nilforushan's course from the facebook group he manages I think, and it has been a privilege to watch his videos and reading his notes, which have been of great value to enlighten me and guide me how to start the preparation for the exam. His notes are up to the point and I expect that they are exactly what the examiners expect and want from the candidate! Truly indispensable and invaluable note that I would recommend for anyone who wants to take NAC and has the clinical knowledge but needs that extra tightening, guidance and tuning.

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5 star rating

Amin Sadeghi Makki

5 star rating

Anam Siddique

5 star rating

Pam Flores

5 star rating

Armin Darvishzadeh sayadi

5 star rating


5 star rating

Tanzeela Javed

5 star rating


Cesar augusto molina

It's a very introductory course to guide us if we can take a course or not , thank you very much

It's a very introductory course to guide us if we can take a course or not , thank you very much

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Course Description

In this online beginner's course, you will learn a lot of practical points that can guide you with starting and organizing your studies and practices for NAC OSCE exam preparation. This course will also help you avoid some major, costly and irreversible mistakes in your journey. 

This online course consists of 7 videos, a downloadable guide, a checklist and a survey. The course also provides you with access to an invaluable guide for the Verbalized Physical exam which is a new component of the NAC OSCE exam. The videos of the course are about 1 hour long in total. 

Although the name of the course may imply that the course is only useful for those who are starting preparation for the NAC OSCE exam, the course is actually beneficial for even those who have already taken comprehensive NAC OSCE or MCCQE2 courses

Although this course is currently offered as free, it contains valuable information that is hardly available elsewhere. Many students who had already passed the NAC OSCE and MCCQE2 have found new, valuable and practical points in this course. 

If you apply what you learn here, you will see a big difference in your results. That will increase your chances of satisfying the expectations of the exam and getting a high score in the NAC OSCE.

What you learn will also help you in becoming more competent and more comfortable in your roles as physicians in Canada.

If you want to get the best results, you should watch all the videos and as soon as you start your preparation, even before registering for the NAC OSCE. 

We fully understand that you are busy with your studies and your life. However, spending just more than one hour of your time here will save you a lot of time and energy later. You will see a great return on this investment of your time.

And if you start the course, please remember to complete it. Unfortunately, those who take this course lightly or do not complete it, do not usually get satisfactory results.  

We appreciate if you could fill out the single question survey that is included in module 6 of this course as well. That will help us support you more with your preparation by creating additional valuable content.

If you find value in this course, please don't keep it a secret! Leave a review or comment in the rate or discussion area and share it with your friends. As you may know, none of the other NAC OSCE preparation programs offer any valuable courses or services to IMGs free of charge

And please remember to come back here and share your great news after your exam or as you advance in your preparation.

We look forward to hearing excellent news from you soon.

Wishing you success, 

NAC OSCE & Clinical Skills Preparation Course Team

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • 1-1 The basics, principles and their expectations from you

    • 1-2 Access the latest NAC OSCE scoring system (Oct. 2021) and NAC OSCE rating scale

  2. 2
    • 2-1 Where to start and what to do

    • 2-2 What to do (the last part)

    • 2-3 How to proceed

    • 2-4 Download "How to ace the NAC OSCE exam" guide

  3. 3
    • 3-1 To take or not to take a course, that's the question!

    • 3-2 When to take a course

    • 3-3 Which course to take

    • 3-4 Download "NAC OSCE course selection checklist & rating scale"

  4. 4
    • 4-1 A diagram that shows what you get and what you learn in the two main courses that we offer (downloadable)

    • 4- 2 Learn more about our NAC OSCE courses and services

  5. 5
    • 5-1 Access our free guide for verbalized physical exam of the NAC OSCE

  6. 6
    • Survey: Could you please answer one question for me?

Want to avoid major mistakes many IMGs make in the NAC OSCE?

Then this FREE video course is a must for you!


Dr. Vahid Nilforushan, the founder and instructor of this course, is a well-known physician in Canada and Iran. He has a passion and special talent for teaching, and has a proven track record in leadership, clinical practice, teaching, innovation, research and advocacy for international medical graduates (IMGs) and patients.

Dr. Nilforushan is a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada and holds an ECFMG certificate. He practiced for over two years as a clinical associate in postoperative cardiac surgery at Vancouver General Hospital, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. With duties similar to hospitalists, he had the privilege to manage and assist with the management of many complicated patients after cardiac surgery. Despite the high level of satisfaction of his colleague and patients with his performance, he had to leave his work because of the time limit to his license. You will see the endorsements of some of the top physicians at Harvard Medical School, UCLA and Vancouver General Hospital about him here

Dr. Nilforushan had other clinical experiences and was involved in a variety of teaching and research experiences in BC too. He has passed all the MCC and USMLE exams including the MCCQE2 and USMLE step 3 with remarkable scores. He completed the IMG BC Clinical Assessment Program (CAP) with high performance too. These resulted in getting interview offers from family medicine residency programs at the UBC and University of Toronto and some residency programs in the US.

Having had a variety of invaluable experiences, caring greatly for IMGs and having faced hardships and unfair barriers for practicing in Canada, he has pursued a variety of activities to support and improve the integration of IMGs into the medical system of Canada. He has worked hard for many years to create highly effective free or affordable preparation programs and courses for IMGs for excelling in the NAC OSCE and passing the MCCQE2 exam. This has been a response to those IMGs who have found most other preparation programs unhelpful, expensive and crowded. As a result, his students have gotten great results and have been highly satisfied with his programs. Many of his students are currently residents or independently practicing physicians in North America. 

Dr. Nilforushan has also demonstrated his concerns for IMGs by volunteering his time and expertise to be a voice for IMGs and actively advocating for them to end the discrimination they have been facing in Canada for access to practice opportunities. In 2020, he co-founded a non-profit society called Canadian On Paper Society for Immigrant Physicians Equality (COPSIPE) for this purpose. To learn more about his advocacy activities or watch his interviews with Global News National and BC and CTV News BC in this regard, please visit COPISPE’s website.

Before immigration to Canada, Dr. Nilforushan worked as an Assistant Professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care at Shahid Beheshti (SBUMS) and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, two leading medical universities in Tehran, Iran. Patenting a device for facilitation of difficult intubation and co-founding the first inpatient addiction treatment center in Tehran which drew the attention of the United Nations are among his other achievements.

His educational background includes graduation in medicine with highest distinction from SBUMS in Tehran, Iran, standing first in the residency entrance examination among all applicants for different disciplines at SBUMS and standing first in the National Board Examination of Anesthesia in Iran.

What he is sharing with you is based on years of studies, clinical practice, experience and teaching at a high level and with commitment to the highest standards.

You will certainly find them unique, innovative and invaluable.